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Drawing attention in the bustling city of London isn’t an easy feat. If your business needs to shine amidst the crowd, Clever Signs offers eye-catching display services. We specialise in lightbox printing, fabric displays, flex face signs, and more. Our professional team is always ready to design, print, and install these displays, transforming your shopfront, exhibition stand, or office space into an inviting visual attraction.

Our bespoke displays are designed in-house and produced right here in the UK. This enables us to maintain superb quality standards while offering faster turnaround times. With Clever Signs, your business gets a strategic display partner that understands your vision and offers the best-suited solutions.

Specialized Design

We boast an in-house team of specialized designers dedicated to creating exceptional signage and print designs. Drawing inspiration from your ideas, they will craft the perfect design for your project.

Super Fast Printing

We have the latest printers that can handle larger volumes of print jobs more quickly, allowing our team to process more orders, achieving a faster turnaround time, leading to quicker and more efficient delivery

Installation Services

We take pride in our in-house team of professional installers, proficient in various tasks from vinyl applications to sign fittings. Our team is fully trained, insured, and equipped with all necessary PPE equipment.

Bright Lightbox

Lightbox printing is a compelling visual communication tool that can provide charm, clarity, and an incredible visual appeal to your brand's message. At Clever Signs, we offer top-notch lightbox printing services that help your business stand out, even in the most crowded corners of London.

Lightboxes are Extreamely Versatile

Our versatile lightboxes come in various forms, including fabric lightboxes and back-lit printing, each designed to catch the eye and leave a lasting impression on onlookers. With our expert team at the helm, we can work with you to design and install lightboxes that seamlessly align with your brand and business needs.

Popular Lightboxes

Fabric Lightbox
Fabric lightboxes offer a dynamic and versatile solution for showcasing vibrant graphics and advertisements in various settings. Constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame and a tensioned fabric face, these lightboxes provide a sleek and seamless appearance that effortlessly integrates into any environment. The fabric face serves as the perfect canvas for high-resolution printed graphics, ensuring crisp and vivid imagery that captures attention. Illuminated from within by LED lighting, fabric lightboxes emit a soft, even glow that enhances the visibility and impact of the displayed content. Whether adorning retail spaces, trade show booths, or corporate interiors, fabric lightboxes create an immersive and engaging visual experience, making them an indispensable tool for effective branding and communication.
Acrylic Lightbox
Acrylic lightboxes represent a modern and sophisticated solution for displaying graphics, advertisements, and signage with stunning clarity and illumination. Composed of high-quality acrylic panels, these lightboxes offer a sleek and transparent canvas that showcases graphics with exceptional vibrancy and detail. The smooth surface of acrylic ensures that colors pop and images remain crisp, making them ideal for capturing attention in high-traffic areas. Illuminated from within by energy-efficient LED lighting, acrylic lightboxes provide even and consistent illumination, enhancing the visibility and impact of the displayed content. Whether used in retail environments, corporate lobbies, or public spaces, acrylic lightboxes create a captivating visual experience that leaves a lasting impression on viewers, making them a versatile and effective tool for branding and communication.
360 Lightbox
The 360 illuminated box stands out as a revolutionary display solution, offering a captivating way to showcase brands, products, or messages from all angles. With its unique design, this box allows for 360-degree visibility, ensuring that the displayed content captures attention from every direction. Crafted with precision from high-quality materials, such as acrylic or aluminum, the 360 illuminated box provides a sleek and modern appearance that effortlessly integrates into any environment. Illuminated by LED lighting, the box emits a bright and even glow, enhancing the visibility and impact of the graphics or imagery showcased within. Whether placed in retail spaces, exhibitions, or corporate events, the 360 illuminated box serves as a dynamic and immersive display tool, engaging audiences and leaving a lasting impression with its innovative design and striking visual presence.
Exhibition Lightbox
Exhibition lightboxes represent an indispensable tool for captivating visual presentations in trade shows, galleries, and exhibitions. Designed to showcase graphics, artwork, or promotional materials with maximum impact, these lightboxes combine sleek aesthetics with powerful illumination. Constructed from lightweight yet durable materials like aluminum and acrylic, exhibition lightboxes offer versatility in size and configuration to suit any display space. The integrated LED lighting technology ensures even illumination, enhancing the vibrancy and clarity of the displayed content. Whether serving as a focal point in a booth or accentuating the ambiance of an art gallery, exhibition lightboxes provide a dynamic platform for brands, artists, and organizations to communicate their message effectively and leave a memorable impression on visitors.
Shop Lightboxes
Shop lightboxes serve as essential elements in modern retail environments, enhancing branding, and attracting customers with their vibrant displays. These illuminated fixtures, typically constructed from lightweight aluminum frames and acrylic faces, offer a versatile canvas for showcasing promotional messages, product images, or branding logos. Whether mounted on storefronts, shelves, or within the shop floor, shop lightboxes effectively draw attention to featured products or promotions. The integrated LED lighting ensures optimal brightness and energy efficiency, providing even illumination that highlights the displayed content. With their customizable design options and eye-catching visuals, shop lightboxes play a crucial role in creating engaging retail experiences, enticing customers, and reinforcing brand identity.
Cinema Style Lightbox
Cinema-style lightboxes evoke the nostalgic charm of old-school movie theaters while offering a contemporary twist to modern interior decor. These lightboxes typically feature a slim aluminum frame and acrylic front panel, reminiscent of traditional cinema signage. With their ability to accommodate interchangeable letters and symbols, cinema-style lightboxes provide a customizable platform for displaying quotes, messages, or announcements with a touch of retro flair. Whether hung on a wall, placed on a shelf, or used as a tabletop centerpiece, these lightboxes instantly add character and personality to any space. Illuminated by energy-efficient LED lighting, cinema-style lightboxes offer a soft, ambient glow that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for home theaters, entertainment rooms, or commercial spaces, these lightboxes capture the imagination and bring a sense of cinematic magic to any setting.
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Innovate with our Display Printing Services

Showcase your brand in a unique light with our comprehensive display printing services. Drawing from years of experience in the industry, we confidently provide a broad variety of innovative methods to create captivating displays.

Whether you're after back lit printing to captivate potential customers during nighttime or attractive flex face signs for wide format outdoor advertising, we can cater to your specific requirements. Produced in our UK based facilities, our display printing services are of exceptional quality and designed to grab the attention of London's diverse audience.

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Fabric Lightboxes & Flex Face Signs

Modern Fabric Displays
Fabric displays add a vibrant and unique texture to your brand's promotional material. Being versatile, lightweight, and visually striking, they are perfect for trade shows, exhibition stands, or retail environments. At Clever Signs, we offer high-quality fabric displays that can effortlessly transform any space into an impressive branding platform. We use advanced printing technology to ensure that the prints on the fabric displays are clear, vibrant, and engaging. And being located in London, we understand the competitive market and can provide insight into captivating the local audience.
Flex Face Signs
In the world of outdoor advertising, flex face signs play an instrumental role. They are large scale, robust and flexible sign applications that can be produced in just about any size. Here at Clever Signs, we offer top-notch flex face sign services designed to make a big impression. The product involves a flexible PVC banner material stretched across a sturdy frame, making it ideal for large format outdoor use. With our specialized printing services, we can bring your design to life, creating bold, bright visuals that propel your brand. Based in London, our signage solutions cater to the city's dynamic market by using designs that resonate with locals.