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We are thrilled to present our innovative Moss Signs, a striking addition to our signage offering. Our Moss Signs bring a touch of nature indoors with their lush greenery and organic appeal. Manufactured in the UK by our skilled team of specialists, Moss Signs are the perfect choice for businesses looking to make a statement while incorporating sustainable design elements into their space.

We understand the importance of creating signage that not only captures attention but also reflects your brand’s vision and values. With our custom Moss Signage services, we can transform your logo, branding, or messaging into a stunning moss-covered masterpiece. Our specialized personnel work closely with you to bring your ideas to life, ensuring that your Moss Signage is a true reflection of your unique style and aesthetic.

A Greener Look for internal signs

Our faux moss signs offer a unique and eco-friendly alternative for adding natural charm to any space. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, these signs replicate the lush appearance of real moss while offering the durability and versatility of synthetic materials. Whether used for interior decor, branding, or event signage, our faux moss signs bring a touch of organic elegance to any environment. With customizable designs and high-quality construction, they provide a sustainable solution for adding texture and visual interest to walls, displays, and more. Let our faux moss signs infuse your space with the beauty of nature, creating a memorable and inviting atmosphere for all who encounter them.

Beautifully made, purposely built

In addition to their visual appeal, Moss Signs offer acoustic benefits by absorbing sound and reducing noise levels in indoor environments. Whether you're looking to create a calming atmosphere in a corporate office, spa, or retail space, Clever Signs' Moss Signage is the perfect solution.

Popular Moss Signs

3D Moss Letters
3D Moss Letters combine the natural beauty of moss with innovative design, creating a visually captivating and environmentally friendly way to display letters and words. These letters are crafted using a variety of sustainable materials, including moss, recycled wood, and eco-friendly adhesives. Each letter is meticulously shaped to create a three-dimensional effect, adding depth and texture to any space. Whether used for signage, interior decor, or event branding, 3D Moss Letters offer a unique and organic aesthetic that brings the outdoors inside. Additionally, their mossy texture provides acoustic benefits, helping to absorb sound and reduce noise pollution in indoor environments. With their blend of sustainability and style, 3D Moss Letters are a creative choice for those looking to make a statement with their decor while staying mindful of the environment.
Flat Moss Signs
Flat Moss Signs are a modern and eco-friendly alternative to traditional signage, incorporating real moss into their design to create a striking and sustainable display. These signs feature preserved moss that retains its natural color and texture, providing a fresh and vibrant appearance without requiring any maintenance. Mounted on a flat surface such as wood or acrylic, the moss is arranged to spell out words or display logos, offering a unique branding opportunity for businesses or a personalized touch for home decor. Flat Moss Signs bring a touch of nature indoors, infusing spaces with a sense of tranquility and organic beauty. Their versatility allows them to be used in various settings, from offices and restaurants to retail stores and homes, adding a touch of greenery and sophistication to any environment. With their aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits, Flat Moss Signs are a sustainable and stylish choice for those looking to make a statement with their signage.
Toilet Moss Signs
Toilet Moss Signs are a quirky and eco-conscious way to guide restroom-goers while adding a touch of whimsy to any space. These signs incorporate real moss into their design, typically arranged in the shape of universally recognized restroom symbols. Mounted on a flat surface or embedded in a frame, these signs not only serve a practical purpose but also bring a touch of nature into the often sterile environment of bathrooms. The use of moss adds a playful and organic element to the signage, making it stand out and adding character to the space. Furthermore, toilet moss signs can be a sustainable choice, as moss requires minimal maintenance and can thrive in low-light environments typically found in bathrooms. Whether in a restaurant, office building, or public facility, toilet moss signs offer a creative and eco-friendly solution for directing individuals to the restroom while adding a unique decorative touch to the surroundings.
Moss Wall Signs
Wall Moss Signs, featuring artificial moss, offer a versatile and maintenance-free alternative to traditional signage while still providing the aesthetic appeal of real moss. Crafted from high-quality faux moss materials, these signs replicate the natural appearance and texture of moss without the need for watering, sunlight, or upkeep. Mounted on walls or other surfaces, they can display a variety of messages, logos, or directional information, adding a touch of greenery and organic charm to indoor environments. The artificial moss used in these signs is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that they retain their vibrant appearance over time without wilting or fading. Ideal for businesses, offices, or homes seeking to incorporate biophilic design elements without the hassle of real plants, wall moss signs offer an attractive and low-maintenance solution for adding visual interest and personality to any space.
Architectural Moss Signs
Architectural Moss Signs represent a harmonious fusion of design and nature, incorporating real moss into the architectural elements of signage. These signs are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate moss into their structure, whether it's within the lettering, logo, or background. By blending organic materials with modern design principles, architectural moss signs create a captivating visual impact that enhances any environment. Whether adorning the exterior of a building or serving as interior decor, these signs offer a unique way to incorporate biophilic elements into architectural spaces, promoting a sense of connection to nature. With their sustainable materials and timeless appeal, architectural moss signs not only provide wayfinding or branding solutions but also contribute to creating more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious built environments.
Illuminated Moss Signs
Illuminated Moss Signs combine the natural allure of moss with the modern sophistication of lighting, creating a captivating and innovative signage solution. These signs feature real moss carefully arranged within a frame or lettering structure, illuminated from within to highlight their organic texture and vibrant green hues. The integration of LED lighting not only enhances the visual appeal of the moss but also ensures that the signs are visible day and night, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether used for branding, wayfinding, or decorative purposes, illuminated moss signs offer a striking focal point that draws attention while adding a touch of natural beauty to any space. Beyond their aesthetic charm, these signs can also convey a message of sustainability, showcasing the potential for creative and eco-friendly design solutions. With their blend of nature-inspired elements and modern technology, illuminated moss signs serve as a testament to the possibilities of merging environmental consciousness with innovative design.
Clever Signs
Experience the Beauty of Architectural Moss Letters with our Signs

Architecture meets nature with Clever Signs' Architectural Moss Letters. These custom-made moss-covered letters are a striking addition to any space, whether used for branding, wayfinding, or decorative purposes. Crafted with precision and care by our team in the UK, Architectural Moss Letters add a touch of greenery and sophistication to interior design projects.Our Moss Letters are not only visually impactful but also low-maintenance, requiring minimal care to preserve their natural beauty for years to come. Clever Signs' Architectural Moss Letters are a sustainable and eye-catching signage solution that is sure to make a lasting impression.